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All work should look like new for the first year, but the price doesn't mean that you bought lasting durability. Here are some jobs from the early nineties and older. See what they look like today:

St. Georges's Heights @ 105 Thomson Avenue N.E.
Full foundation walk-out 2 storey rear addition, front addition with master over attached garage.

University Heights @ 2403 Ulrich Road N.W.
Full foundation 2 car attached garage with master over.

Montgomery @ 4828 Montana Crescent N.W.
Full foundation rear kitchen addition, vaulted ceiling, relocated stairwell, extensive concrete cutting and beam work.

Parkdale @ 904 - 36B Street N.W.
Interior and exterior remodel featuring wood burning fireplace with dry pack Rundle rock surround, windows, kitchen, home office with French pocket doors and extensive custom woodwork.

Wildwood @ 5 Windermere Road S.W.
Heated crawlspace family room rear addition, vaulted ceiling, custom gas fireplace and sandwich counter.

Riverdale @ 509 Riverdale Avenue S.W.
Full foundation rear kitchen addition

Palliser @ 2907 Palliser Drive S.W.
Front attached underdrive garage & driveway, extensive concrete cutting and beam work.

Kingsland @ 8012 - 4a Street S.W.
2 car two-storey detached garage, rear attached garage & porch with conjoined family room, vaulted ceiling.

Have you ever heard of this? One family was so impressed with our work, that they baked us cake.
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