who do we work for?
who does the work?
who should we talk to?
what should I look for?
what should I ask?
where does the work get done?
where do things come from?
where do we start?
when does the work get done?
when can you start?
why renovate?
why hire Foremost?
how come it takes so long?
how do you contact Foremost?

Try getting across town. On some days a 20 minute trip takes 45. That's twice as long. Any renovation usually involves between 50 to 100 materials, products, trades and services. All with their own agenda, leaving the contractor to make them his. Most things take several weeks to get and hopefully will arrive the right size and without damage. If you want to get something done outside that takes three days and it rains for three or four, you just lost a week. The same thing can happen with the tile installer or tin smith. The day or week scheduled for his work you get the call that his truck broke down, he cut his hand, the supplier ran out of material, and on and on.

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