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If you are contemplating having work done to your home, then the first thing you should do is take some measurements. Familiarize yourself with the size of area that you want to remodel. Thinking that your room is 400 square feet when it measures 25' x 30' will just about double the job. Research the products or materials you are interested in using, by seeing them in stores, show homes, magazines or at a friends. Now make a drawing or have someone create a preliminary sketch that will configure what you would like to see fit into your space. This will determine if a walk-in pantry or Island are even feasible in your kitchen. The more time you spend in the planning stage the less difficult the renovation will be because you have at least solved some of the snags on paper.

A standard 4'x 8' pool table requires 5 feet of clearance around all sides. This means you need a room measuring 14' x 18'.
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